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Commercial Property Development Advice

Commercial property development, whether it's for investment purposes, sale or owner-occupation, isn't always as straightforward as it might appear; so having someone on your side who knows the ropes can make the difference between completing a highly successful project (on time and on budget) and abject failure.

We have more than forty years experience in this complex area and can offer a team who have strong expertise in all related matters from planning to contaminated land assessment, environmental due diligence and so on. We can also use our lettings and sales experience as input for a development appraisal which will show with some authority your likely return on capital.

Consult with us, if you wish, about which architects and other professionals would best suit your project. Talk to us too about assessing whether your building is appropriate for the marketplace and how best to maximise profits; in other words, let us help you to make certain that you're developing the right building in the right place and that it will conform to what the market requires in terms of technology, use of space, and facilities.

Pick and choose from our services - we'll undertake any part that you need help with, or we'll take the project through from the concept stage to completion and even disposal, if that's what you want.