Offices In Surrey

Project Management

So, you need a shower in the centre of your office floor plate and a "hugely solid non-vibrating base". No problem!

When one of our clients, the world-class technology company AMD, came to us requiring a specially constructed building meeting all of their needs, we knew how to make that happen. We're project managers with the ability and expertise to handle everything from the commonplace to the exotic and all that's in-between. We do everything property.

As AMD's project managers we headed up a team including architects, quantity surveyors, mechanical services engineers and security experts focussing all of their skills to make sure that, for example, a shower with copious amounts of hot and cold water, and the necessary drainage, would be available for a technician to leap under in the event of a chemical accident. The hugely solid non-vibrating base was for their electron microscope; and they also needed a completely secure computer room at 1st floor level with shielded ducting leading to an external docking system to allow a mobile disaster recovery system to hook up if needed.

Although these aren't everyday requirements for the majority of our commercial clients, you'll see that we have the necessary skills and experience to handle everything from a simple office refit, perhaps including a space utilisation assessment, partition layout and construction & security specifications etc, to the most complex and demanding property needs a company might have to make its core business fly.

Cost is frequently a major consideration, so much so that we always advise clients that they should, invest in producing their own layout and specification documentation for pricing by contractors. Without such, each contractor will price on the basis of materials they choose so when appraising the quotations you will not be comparing "apples with apples". Bear in mind too that it’s often difficult to assess the quality of materials being quoted for by some contractors, so specifying your own affords you a certain amount of security. The price variation between contractors when quoting on an identical specification can be vast; in one case the tender returns were 150% apart. Producing your own layout and specification might sound daunting, but let us work with you so that together we’ll get it right. You’ll be pleased you did.